Convince your Clients by 

providing High Quality Trusted Data

Show a unique expertise test automation and quality assurance in data oriented projects by utilizing BiG EVAL - the leading data quality automation solution.

A testing tool for every

data centric project

Accelerate data testing in data warehouse, business intelligence and data science projects of your clients.

BiG EVAL is a light weight software solution dedicated to test automation within data oriented projects like:

  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Integration / ETL and ELT
  • Data Vault
  • Data Mart
  • Data Lake
  • Interfaces (Data- Import/Export)
  • Big Data
Testing on Autopilot

By building a set of test cases within each sprint and adding them to the automation, the software gives the capability to keep track on working and not working features before releasing them to the end-users.

Test Case Algorithms

BiG EVAL comes with a set of testing algorithms that originate from real life data warehouse projects. Our gallery as well as the scripting capabilities give you even more freedom in testing.

Technology agnostic

Whether you use relational data bases, non-sql data bases, big data products, flat-files, API's, cloud-based or on premise, BiG EVAL supports them all.

and many more...

Massive Test Coverage

Test cases can automatically be applied to the whole data landscape based on meta data.

We want YOU as our valued partner! 

Implementing data quality solutions requires industry knowhow and experience with specific business and data models of clients. You as a data expert know your customers best. You are able to reach out directly to companies that want to raise their data quality by investing in an automation solution and in your services at the same time.

A great chance for a long term partnership with many benefits!

Partner Manager -Patrick Hosch

Patrick Hosch
Partner Manager

Longterm Partner

Raphael Branger | IT-Logix AG
Principal Consultant Data & Analytics
Member of the board / Partner

We compared various other test tools and except for BiG EVAL, none of them was capable of fetching meta data and using it in the test case definitions what makes it so powerful.

Insurance Customer


Günther Engeler
Quality Assurance BI Competence Center

BiG EVAL helped us stabilizing the quality of our data. The software met all of our requirements in full: an uncomplicated and reasonably-priced introduction and a high level of integration in our DQM processes and infrastructure.

Why expanding your portfolio?

By partnering with BiG EVAL you and your customers earn many benefits like:

Minimize Risks
by applying a proven and standardized testing concept in client projects. This also gives your consultants essential security when implementing data processing system components.

Gain a Competitive Edge
by offering your clients...

  • ... trust in your solutions and their own data.
  • ... implementation efficiency that doesn't impact implementation quality.

Even more companies are aware about the value of their data and what it brings to leverage data quality. Be a step in front of your competitors and support you clients with what they need.

Increase Sales by

  • Retaining customers value even after the end of projects, because BiG EVAL opens the door for projects in the data quality area in all departments of your clients.
  • Get attractive commissions on every BiG EVAL sale.

Let us discuss about your very own benefits!

Partner Manager -Patrick Hosch

Patrick Hosch
Partner Manager

Same-day-productivit in Data Warehouse Testing

Same-day productivity

Best Practices templates provided out of the box or in our gallery guarantee success on the very first day.

Hundreds of ready-to-use test cases and templates kick-start your testing and quality assurance. Download, configure and use them immediately.

  • Data Warehouse Test Pack
  • Business Intelligence Test Pack
  • Data Vault Test Pack
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) Pack
  • WhereScape Test Pack

Easy for beginners,
powerful for experts

The software is easy to understand and self-explaining because of it's clean user interface and it's well structured work flows.

Inspite of that, it doesn't lack of functionallity that makes experts capable of implementing even the most advanced testing scenario.

Drag the slider to see the difference.

Easy to understand dashboard with test results

Easy-understandable results, Seamless integration

Tracking test executions and analyzing results is as easy as triggering actions in 3rd party apps.

Clean dashboards, user-centric test result analyzation as well as assisted problem solving allow you to solve issues straight forward and finally.

Seamless integration with apps like Jira, TestRail, Azure Devops and many more allow tracking issues where you and your team are used to. Even custom integrations based on event-triggers communicate with most other application.


BiG EVAL is widely used by mid-sized and enterprise customers worldwide from all industries.


Photo specialist

Swiss Federal Roads Office

And many more from different industries are using BiG EVAL Software Solutions:

Partner Manager -Patrick Hosch

Patrick Hosch
Partner Manager

Let us discuss a potential Partnership

End to End automation in agile data projects

End to end automation in a data warehouse project allows you to deliver a trustful data base on time and in budget. The standardization that comes with automation, together with reliable testing processes, ensures a high quality with a huge business value.

End to End Automation

Data warehouse automation tools lead to this result and BiG EVAL Data Test Automation fillls the gap in the agile process cycle and extends the degree of automation in your project. It makes you capable of executing best practices regression tests as many as you want by the push of a button (or even scheduled or embedded into your CI/CD processes).

Why filling the gap?

  • Whereas application developers are used to unit testing, regression testing etc., testing within data oriented projects is often done insufficiently because of missing standards and missing tools - and sometimes because of missing know how.
  • The amount of test cases grows from sprint to sprint, and manually executing them needs even more time. Regression testing is nearly impossible by doing it manually. If done anyway, a lot of resources are needed or insufficiently testing is accepted. An automation solution is needed to do it efficiently.
  • Test automation leverages your investment in automation products and allows you to get out the maximum during the whole project.

Testing based on Metadata

Instead of implementing a test case for every single entity over and over again, inject meta data and apply the test case to all current and future entities automagically.

  • Maximizes test coverage.
  • Ensures that nothing gets forgotten.
  • Saves a lot of time.
Meta data driven Data Test Automation

Helsana built 15'000 test cases 
within only 3 months based on meta data!

Access Layer

8'000 test cases

Acquisition Layer

3'200 test cases

Core Layer

2'000 test cases

End user Access Layer

1'600 test cases